Pink NEON 12" Clear Round Plate Premium Cake Stand (165/320) - FOR RENT

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  • Pick up is 1 Business Day prior to the event date
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  • Upon pick up a rental agreement will be signed
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 The practicality and uniqueness of this super light weight design lets you play with its height, exchange bases and plates. Amazingly, and beautifully well-made with ABS system material, you will be able to detach the plate from the base for easy storage, transportation and besides being a great piece on your table, this product doesn't break! Safe to use for kids parties, cake smash photoshoot, etc. Have this at home and store it anywhere! Use your creativity to make your party and or home table decor stands out!! Many colors available



 Plate 12.6 in. round / Base: 7in. Tall / Weight: 16oz

Weight Capacity up to 20lbs

MATERIAL: 100% food graded Plastic ABS System with shiny finished

Rental Services Agreement

  1. General

Crate Your Party LLC ("Party Rental") and renting and/or purchasing party ("Customer") identified in the applicable Crate Your Party event rental quotation, order, acknowledgement, invoice, or any other contract or agreement between Crate Your Party LLC and Customer (individually and collectively referred to herein as "Contract"), agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Rental and Sale ("Terms") for the materials, goods, and/or products (collectively, the "Goods") rented or sold to Customer pursuant to such Contract. Customer hereby agrees that it will be bound by these Terms and be responsible for orders placed on its behalf by an event coordinator, planner, representative, or agent of Customer, for which such Customer is identified on the Contract, as if such Customer placed such order directly with Crate Your Party.

  1. Acceptance/Sole Terms

The provisions set forth herein together with the provisions of the Contract constitute all of the terms and conditions for Customer and with Crate Your party, LLC with regard to the Goods. Crate Your Party LLC acceptance and shipment of Customer’s order is expressly made conditional on Customer’s assent to these Terms. Any and all terms, conditions, or provisions specified in any quotation or otherwise (whether oral, typed, written, or printed) that in any way change, modify, amplify, differ from, or add to these Terms or Crate Your Party LLC Contract, are null and void and of no effect, even if (i) Crate Your Party LLC does not expressly object to such terms, conditions, or provisions, or (ii) such terms, conditions, or provisions are specified subsequent to such other documents. Customer hereby agrees that no terms additional to or deviating from these Terms shall become part of the Contract unless and until written acceptance of such additional or deviating terms, signed by an authorized officer of Crate Your Party,LLC has been issued to Customer. Customer’s acceptance of any Goods supplied by, or on behalf of, Crate Your Party LLC shall, without limitation, also constitute acceptance of these Terms.

  1. Price and Payment

We ask that all payments and deposits be made with a credit card, check or cash. All payments will be made prior to delivery or client pick up from the Store. If any additional charges must be applied for missing and/or damaged items, we will let you know at the time of return or we will email you to let you know.

  1. Acceptance of Goods, Delivery, and Transportation

Customer shall inspect the Goods at the time of delivery. Unless Customer provides Crate Your Party, LLC with notice of any claim, shortages of, or defects in the Goods, including without limitation any claim relating to quantity, weight, condition, loss, or damage thereto, at the time of delivery, such Goods shall be deemed finally inspected, checked, and accepted by Customer. The Contract shall specify whether Goods shall be delivered to an indicated address or picked up by Customer. Crate Your Party, LLC will determine the point of origin of any shipment. Customer is responsible for obtaining all permits, licenses, authorizations, and approvals from appropriate parties, companies, and/or government for the lawful and safe use and occupation of the location(s) to which the Goods will be delivered and from which the Goods will be retrieved. Customer is further responsible for providing and obtaining safe and clear access to the delivery and retrieval location(s), including without limitation, ensuring all packaged items are able to be delivered through outside and indoor areas of ingress and egress. Crate Your Party, LLC may refuse, without penalty to Crate Your Party, LLC delivery and/or retrieval of the Goods if Customer fails to provide safe means of ingress and egress.

  1. No Insurance

Unless otherwise expressly set forth in the Contract, Crate Your Party, LLC is neither providing, nor offering to provide, directly or indirectly, any first or third-party insurance coverage in connection with the rental or sale of the Goods to Customer.

  1. Termination, Cancellation, and Modification

Except as otherwise provided herein or in the Contract, orders cannot be terminated, cancelled, or modified, or shipment deferred after acceptance of Customer’s order by Crate Your Party, LLC, except with Crate Your Party’s written consent and subject to reasonable charges for expenses incurred and work executed by Crate Your Party, LLC. Customer may cancel an order up to TWO (2) days prior to pickup or delivery by 5:00 p.m. EST and no fee will be charged to Customer as long as Customer makes such cancellation in person or by email and it is acknowledged by Crate Your Party, LLC. Phone calls cancellation will not be accepted. Customer may cancel an order up to TWO (2) days prior to delivery by 5:00 p.m. EST as long as Customer makes such cancellation in person or by email and the cancellation is acknowledged by Crate Your Party, LLC, but Customer shall be responsible for fifty percent (50%) of the total Contract amount and that fifty percent (50%) will be immediately due to Crate Your Party, LLC and charged to Customer. Customer will be one-hundred percent (100%) responsible for the Contract amount for any cancellation after 5:00 p.m. EST the day prior to or same day of the pickup or delivery date and that one-hundred percent (100%) will be immediately due to Crate Your Party, LLC and charged to Customer.

  1. Damage, Destruction, and Loss

Customer acknowledges that in the event any rented Goods sustain any damage or destruction or are lost or stolen while under rent to Customer, Customer agrees to pay Crate Your Party, LLC the costs for repair or full replacement of the item (not the difference) plus processing and delivery fees involved that will be determined by Crate Your Party, LLC. Customer further agrees to accept full responsibility and liability, and Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold Crate Your Party, LLC harmless for any injury to any other person(s), for any damage to the property of any other person(s), and any other loss that may result through the use or misuse of the Goods. Crate Your Party, LLC is not responsible for any damage or liability incurred by handling Customer’s or any other person’s personal property.

  1. Return of Rented Goods

Customer shall return all rented Goods to Crate Your Party, LLC at the time, date, and place designated by Crate Your Party, LLC and agreed by the Customer. Next business date Customer shall return all rented Goods in the same condition and manner as Customer received them, including without limitation placed in the same packaging, folded and racked in the same manner, and/or cleaned, rinsed, and wiped down as received. Customer shall be responsible for the safe and secure storage of all rented Goods awaiting retrieval. Customer agrees and acknowledges that if Customer fails to return all rented Goods to Crate Your Party, LLC at the time, date, and place designated in the Contract or if Customer fails to make all rented Goods available for pickup at such time, date, and place, then Customer is subject to additional service charges.

  1. No Return of Rented Goods

Customer agrees that no return of rented goods on the “return date” determined by Crate Your Party, LLC, an additional 20% + sales taxes of rental price per day will be charged. After 5 consecutive days from the “return date” the Customer does not return the rental items, Customer agrees that the credit card on file will be charged full price for replacement plus processing and delivery fees involved that will be determined by Crate Your Party, LLC.

  1. Intellectual Property

Any trademarks, branding, drawings, designs, and all other intellectual property of Crate Your Party, LLC embodied in, displayed on, or otherwise provided in connection with, the Goods or the Contract ("Intellectual Property"), shall remain the sole property of Crate Your party, LLC Without Crate Your Party’s express prior written permission, Customer will not (a) remove, alter, or deface any trademark or branding including with or displayed on the Goods, and (b) reproduce, use, or communicate to third parties of any such intellectual property.

  1. Entire Contract

Customer and Crate Your Party, LLC hereby agree that these Terms along with the Contract shall constitute the entire agreement between Customer and Crate Your Party, LLC and no prior or contemporaneous oral or written statement, correspondence, sample, or other terms, quotations, or understandings shall modify, alter, or in any way affect the terms thereof. We express that this is not an event planning agreement; however, we guide/advice our customers to the best of our knowledge when renting our products for an event although it is the customer’s ultimate decision to choose what is best for them.

  1. Rental Item Wear

Due to the nature of our business, our items are frequently rented and cleaned. While we strive to give you the best quality products every time, please note that there may be signs of “ordinary wear and tear” and that we cannot guarantee new or like-new quality.


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