Gold 9" Clear Plate with Gold Border Super Premium Cake Stand (195/220C) - FOR RENT

The practicality and uniqueness of this super light weight design lets you play with its height, exchange bases and plates. Amazingly, and beautifully well-made with ABS system material, you will be able to detach the plate from the base for easy storage, transportation and besides being a great piece on your table, this product doesn't break! Safe to use for kids parties, cake smash photoshoot, etc. Have this at home and store it anywhere! Use your creativity to make your party and or home table decor stands out!! Many colors available

*****GOLD Cake stand color was individually hand-painted and used higher graded gold paint*****



Plate 8.7in.round / Base: 8in. Tall / Weight: 16oz

Weight Capacity up to 20lbs