Pastel Light Pink Boho Plinths (2 sizes) - For Rent

Rental Information

  • Pick up is 1 Business Day prior to the event date
  • Drop off is 1 Business Day after the event date
  • Upon pick up a rental agreement will be signed
  • This item is for pickup not delivery


  • Small:  W 16" / D 16" / H  19.3"  
  • Medium:  W 19.75" / D 19.75" / H  27.25" 
  • Large  W 25.75" / D 25.75" / H  35.25" 


    This super adorable Boho round accent piece was beautifully made with a decorative interlaced structure for an one of a kind décor piece. Incorporate this unique piece into any party décor or pair with the other sizes to create an alluring decor. Available in 3 sizes: Large, medium and small